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The Beginning: My mother said that I started singing before I was talking (lol). When I was a kid my house was always filled with music. Music was also the an indicator of my mothers mood as well. Nevertheless, I come from a very talented family I don't know anyone in my family that doesn't sing or have any involvement with music.


My Inspiration: Again I come from a very musical family. My mom, who was also a singer, introduced me to a world of music. Every Saturday, I woke up to the sounds of artists ranging from Mahalia Jackson, Prince, and Michael Jackson as well as Whitney Houston, Elvis, and Jazz/Blues. My mom loved music and music was at the center of our bond. As I grew older, I was introduced to Hip Hop - My dad was not a fan (lol) and it was not allowed in our home, so my introduction to the genre happened later in life. Nevertheless, as I explored the genre I found myself gravitating towards artist such as Tupac, KRS-1, and Common as well as Nas, Lauryn Hill, and OutKast. I just felt like they had something to say, ya know, and music was the medium they used to get the message out to the masses. Honesty, it would take about 1,000+ pages for me to name my many influences, what can I say - I'm a music connoisseur. I, like all artist, have many influences when it comes to music that have contributed to my writing style and who have shaped my sound, perspective, and tone. However, despite how influential they may be, I try to shield myself from becoming a copy of someone else -  I do my best to stay true to my own voice.


The Journey: In 2009, God led my husband and I to a small newly planted church in Atlanta, GA. Upon or arrival there, the Pastor was teaching through the book of Judges. Initially, I was bored out of my mind, mainly because his preaching style was so different from what I was use to. However, a few Sunday's in my ears started to perk up and my eyes followed as he faithfully navigated through the book. As he navigated through Judges God began to show me my own sin and after Sunday service my husband and I began to weep because the weight and guilt of our sin felt so heavy. However, the Good News of the Gospel, shined through and didn't let us wallow in our sorrow. That day, in our little 2002 Dodge Neon, my husband and I surrender our lives to the Lord. We had a few moments like that before this day - when we knew God was drawing us to Himself, but that was the most pivotal. Prior to this day my life was a mess (lol) and after that day it was still a mess, but I heavily relied on the Lord for strength to get out of my mess. Before, I was just doing music. I was focused on making popular music and not music with a purpose; fame was the aim. Although I come from a loving family, I grew up feeling like something was different in the way I was treated and the things assumed about me because I was Grandchild of the wrong men on both sides of my family and I always felt as if I was treated differently because of it. Also, when my mom remarried this notion of being the stepchild was always pushed in my face. I convinced myself that once I became famous my whole family will finally put some respect on my name (lol) and it would validate my existence if that make sense. Nevertheless, as most of you know that when you're in Christ the old things are thrown away - mainly because you have no desire for them anymore because you're so full of Him! As a new Christian I stopped pursuing music for a long time until my Husband felt called to go into ministry. I was like I guess I should pick something too (lol). I did just that, I choose to study Music. For those who are interested my focus was voice and my secondary piano. About 2 years into my walk with Lord I jumped back into the music scene and I've had opportunities to perform in Clubs, local TV shows, fashion show, as well as headlining a a few shows under the name Denise Faith. However, after a while I was over it. I just felt like everyone was all cliche up you had Reach they were new and very tight, Cross Movement, Lampmode, etc and there was just no space for women to get in the industry - that's why I go hard for Wande and Jackie Hill Perry. Every time I would reach out to males in the Christian music industry it was often times perceived as being intrusive and even though I'm married, sometimes the wives of these artist would have their eyebrows up at me too. However, when it came to males in my circle all they had to do was join them for a basketball game or approach them after church shoot them a message on social media or just have a mutual friend...God had to give me purpose for doing music because although my message had changed my motive behind doing music had not and because it hadn't changed when doors were closed in my face I felt like a failure because I had lost sight of who and what this is all for in the first place. If the perspective is 2020 - that is solely focused on Jesus and you stay obedient to what He is asking you to do - then do that no matter the platform ya feel me, and that's why I am still doing music. 


What's Next: I honestly don't know what's next from me. I am working on a few projects, but who knows what God will place on my heart. I literally was working on an EP prior to my EP Passing Through which had a more Rock/ Bluesy sound to it and I literally woke up and told my husband that I am going to start rapping lol he thought nothing of it, but ever since that day I've been rapping and that was in 2014. My own personal interest is to put together an album that reflects many genres. I am not only a rapper, but a singer, novice pianist, a flautist or some say flutist, as well as a novice guitar player. I want music that reflects different genres and instruments that will bring the music to life.

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