The Journey

     Our life is a journey leading to a destination. The question we are faced to ask ourselves, is where are we heading? This question is one the hardest questions to ask yourself because asking ourselves this question forces us to consider our own mortality. We are also force to follow up that question with, what is the purpose of our existence and if there is purpose to all creation who or what formed it, holds it, and what is my purpose in it?


     We all come to this question at some point of time in our life because creation is so grandiose, so complex yet so purposeful, and in being so we would think that it would and  should be in chaos, but some how there's order. The water stays in the ocean, some how we as humans continuously birth other humans and bears birth bears and not some other random animal (lol). Also, it amazing how a baby, when in its mothers womb, can survive and grow feeding off of the mother and the woman's body can stretch and contract to accommodate the growing child. Then her body creates milk to nurse the child!


     In short, the complexities of life forces us to ask and seek after who created it and what's the purpose. On that Journey to truth and discovery we find all kinds of things that attempts to answer that question for us, right? We are introduced to many various religions and various theories. However, the name that you will hear continuously on this Journey is Jesus. He goes by many titles.  To some religious groups He is called a great profit, whereas some call Him a great teacher, but somewhere in your journey you're going to have to ask yourself who do you call Him? Is He the Messiah (Matthew 16:15-16)? Is He Lord (Philippians 2:9-11)? More specifically is He Lord over your life? Or is He just a wise man who gave good wisdom on how to live life and how to love? I hope you know this is all coming from a place of sincere love and concern. I wouldn't be ya friend if I just told you what you want to hear - nobody wants a bunch of "Yes Men"around them (lol). Nevertheless, wherever you're at in this Journey called life my sincerest prayer is that when you ask yourself who Jesus is to you, you will call Him Lord❤