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3-day Study Plan

Day 2

Discontentment creeps into our hearts when we buy into the idea that God owes us a life path with ease. As my husband and I embarked on our new journey in 2020, I received calls about family members and friends expecting a child. Sadly, some of the pregnancies were unwanted, and the mother questioned if she would see the pregnancy through. Upon hearing this news, my already broken heart cried out in anguish. I was infuriated. How could God, the one I love deeply, whom I sacrificed my career to follow, and lost friends over being too radical; how could He do this to me? Whether aware of it or not, I had bought into the idea that being a follower of Christ meant my life would be free of struggles. 

Discontentment found a door into my heart; its food was my anger and bitterness. It wasn't until I decided to saturate myself in the things of God that I saw how deep it was growing. As I began to dive deeper into studying the bible and prayer, God began shifting my focus from comparing my life to others to finding my life in Him. I began to find joy in the life that God has called me to. My prayers also changed from praying away my pain to "Lord, while I'm in this season, what would you have me to do?"  Reiterating my closing remarks in Day 1, "my circumstances didn't change, but my response to it did."




1. To who, what, or where do I run when I feel overwhelmed with the trials I'm facing? The Creator or created?
2. Do I truly believe in the God of the Bible? Or have I created a god that fits my preferences? 
3. Do I truly believe that God is with me and cares about what I'm experiencing? And If he does, do I then believe that He truly has the ability to change it? 
4. Do I struggle with believing God has the ability to change my situation, or am I afraid of God changing my situation and removing my comfort zone...? Because, after all, it may be chaotic, but at least it's familiar.


Lord, restore whatever is broken within me. Shine light on the things that have gone unchecked in my life. Help me find joy in the life YOU called me to, even when it's not the life I pictured for myself. Lord, as trials do their work at producing steadfastness, help me to bask in your peace and let go of whatever it is that prevents me from grabbing hold of your sovereign hand. Lastly, align my heart with your written word and focus my eyes solely on you. 


  • James 1: 2-18;
  • Romans 5:1-11;
  • Romans 8: 26-31