Crystal Evon, an Atlanta, GA native, started her musical journey at the age of five years old. As a child, Crystal Evon was exposed to a vast array of music such as old Motown, Blues, and Rock as well as Gospel music, bluegrass, and country. However, during her time at college, she chose to study classical music. Crystal Evon describes her time at college as a time to learn how to use her instrument - her voice. Now with two EP's under her belt, Crystal Evon is more excited than ever to see how God will continue to bring out the voice that He put in her in the coming future.  Crystal Evon is currently working on a few project, one in which she describes as a music documentary of her walk with the Lord.  When asked how she describes her walk with the Lord Crystal Evon had this say, "Our life is a journey leading to a destination: where are you heading?" There are many upcoming projects to look forward to from this talented singer-songwriter as well as past projects to enjoy. Please check out some of Crystal Evon past projects in the music section.

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